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Professional Services and Rates

I have a broad professional background with over 15 years of experience in freelance writing, editing, and marketing consulting and 15 years of experience as a marketing executive. Here's my resume. I am a proud professional member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.


I write articles, blog posts, press releases, content for websites, and miscellaneous other things.


I edit all of the above plus book and ebook manuscripts.

Marketing Consulting

I manage social media accounts, blogs, and help small businesses and start-ups with testing and organizing their websites. Occasionally I'll write resumes, cover letters, and coach individuals for job interviews.


Rates below are in Canadian Dollars if your business is based in Canada, and in US Dollars if your business is based anywhere else. If you want to discuss a project, it's best to email me: info at dearcynthia dot com, but I'll give you a rough idea below:

Writing: $0.15/word

Editing: $0.03/word

Ghostwriting: $0.30/word

Press Releases: $300 for a one-page press release. This price is for new clients after June 1, 2017.

Unless you just discovered a cure for cancer, one page is all you need. The price does not include press release distribution which I can discuss with you. Press release distribution will cost between US$100 and US$800 dollars depending on how much press you need or want.

Social Media Management: $650/month.

This covers managing two accounts including posting at least once per day (6 days per week), making nice with the public, and forwarding requests for information.

Social Media Management + Blog Management: $1200/month.

This includes the above plus one long-form post to your blog per week, managing comments, making nice with the public and forwarding requests for information.

If you want to hire me and are with a 501(c)(3) animal rescue, contact me, as I would give you a lower rate.

Here are the published writer and editor rates of the US and Canadian professional trade organizations.