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I write long-form content

that helps businesses grow.

I'm Cynthia White, and this is my website.

"There is in writing the constant joy of sudden discovery, of happy accident." 
--H.L. Mencken


What's long-form content?

Long-form content is a long piece of prose, like a blog, an article, or a case study.

What makes Cynthia different or better than 75 trillion other writers?

1) BA in English from NYU.

2) 15 years of experience as a marketing executive.

3) 20 years of experience freelance writing and editing.

4) She has worked as a submissions editor for a literary magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of a large industry publication. That means she has experience sitting on both sides of the table. She knows how to make the client happy because she knows what it feels like to receive assigned copy from writers that is not up to par.

5) Quora: Top Writer 2018.

6) Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC): President's Award, 2018.

7) Cynthia doesn't need hand-holding.

Want to see some writing samples? Here they are.


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