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Here is my resume.


(scroll down for photography samples)

I am currently the Article Section Editor for Reef2Reef.com, the busiest saltwater aquarium website in the world with over 1 million unique visitors per month.

I am also currently working with Accelerank.com writing business blogs for their clients since early 2017.

Press Releases:

Here is a recent press release that I wrote for a start-up.

Here is another recent press release that I wrote.

Yup, it's another press release that I wrote recently.

B2B: This was an "internal" press release that I wrote recently.

Newspaper Articles:

Recent article for a Kentucky newspaper.

Another article on Chef O'Nan for Kentucky Monthly Magazine.

Here is an editorial that I co-wrote for the Calgary Herald.

Here's a recent editorial (Op-Ed) in The Province, a major Vancouver newspaper.

Other Articles:

Science articles for Reef2Reef: Flatworms, the Good, the Bad, and the Pretty Terrifying. (Part 1) and Part 2.

Articles for Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine.

Book reviews for Foreword Magazine here and here.

B2B: A recent article for the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC-National), reprinted with permission by the Waterloo Region Division of PWAC. Article is on job hunting for freelance writers.

Here is a sample long-form business article.

Blog Writing:

B2B: Business blog writing. Wrote six articles for AppPartner's blog. (May 2018)

Informal blog writing: One about Twitter, and one about dogs.

B2B: Business blog writing: Eagle Mat and Floor Products. I've written all entries since end June 2017

B2B: Business blog writing: The 4 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make on Twitter.

B2C: Business (medical) blog writing: Minoxidil. I've written all blog entries since end June 2017.

B2C: Business (travel) blog writing: I wrote all blog entries from end June 2017 to May 2018.

Other Writing:

Here is an email sales letter written for someone introducing a new product to his Amazon store.

Photography SAMPLES

I'm learning photography. Here are some of my favorites.