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"I try to leave out the parts that people skip."
—Elmore Leonard



"It is extremely rare to find someone of Cynthia's caliber. As a colleague, she is a vital member of our team, who is multi-talented, diligent, and hardworking. Cynthia's creative and inspiring style of writing has delivered an outstanding impression on our clients to say the least. The enthusiasm that she brings to our agency is also second to none. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Cynthia over the past few years, and I look forward to continue working with her over the long haul."

Jason Riner
President, Accelerank, LLC
Miami, FL, USA


"I worked with Cynthia for many years, and her responsibilities, as a vice-president, included writing manuals for the company's operations, which were of a highly technical nature, and documenting the company's policies and procedures, which ranged from legal to human resources areas. In my opinion, Cynthia did an outstanding job of taking complex material, and presenting it accurately in a concise, but readable format. Her work was a valuable component in the company's achievements and successes.

Warren Steckley P.Eng., MBA
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


"It is a given that Cynthia has excellent skills across the board in writing, communication, marketing and teaching, but what sets her apart is her ability to effectively communicate her knowledge to others. It is rare to have a combination of knowing about a topic and being able to explain it to someone else through writing or knowing what to do and being able to teach others to do it well. Cynthia has that unusual gift of a love for her craft and the ability to impart that love of her craft through her writing, communication, and humor."

Alexander C. Kinzler
Chief Executive Officer and President
Barnwell Industries, Inc.
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


"I love to read what Cynthia writes. She crystallizes important issues and provides great links for further investigation."

Joan Smart
CMC Research Institutes, Inc.
Calgary, AB, Canada


"Cynthia is a multi-talented writer! She has written great stuff across the board, from science blogs to obituaries. Her style of being direct, concise, and with some zestful good humour makes her work a pleasure to read."

Rachel Grillot, Ph.D.
Copperleaf Technologies, Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada


"Cynthia's marketing skills and writing grew our process serving business from zero to viable in one year. She created and wrote brochures, flyers, and business correspondence."

Bulldog Process Serving
Calgary, AB, Canada


"Cynthia's continuing education critical reading class at North Island College was as good or better than any university English class I took as an undergrad."

Campbell River, BC, Canada


"Cynthia taught some terrific lunch-time courses in the Standard Life Building when I was the PR person there. In particular, I remember one on Usenet Newsgroups that was packed!"

Joan Smart
CMC Research Institutes, Inc.
Calgary, AB, Canada


"Cynthia tutored three of my children throughout junior high and high school in every subject. She is the main reason that they all got good grades and graduated. Her patience and focus with them, as well as her ability to get them to focus was hard to believe."

Wendy McAlister
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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