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"The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps."
—Robert Benchley


I have a broad professional background with over 20 years of experience in freelance writing, editing, and marketing consulting and 15 years of experience as a marketing executive. Here's my resume. I am a proud professional member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

I specialize in long-form writing for small to mid-sized businesses in all industries. See below under Writer.

Most writers know a lot of other writers. If you need a type of writing that is not in my area of expertise, I can help you find the right writer for your needs. Contact me, talk to me about your project, and let me help you.


I write articles, blog posts, press releases, case studies, content for websites, newsletters and miscellaneous other things as needed.


I edit all of the above plus book and ebook manuscripts.

Marketing Consulting

If you just want to talk to someone to figure out how to use social media or how to improve your google ranking, I'm happy to consult. I work for an internet marketing agency and have been trained by them on search engine optimization, so I know whereof I speak. I can help you understand the big picture on how to get your website noticed.



I can give you some ballpark rates, but rates are typically on a per project basis, and there are so many variables that it's impossible to say exactly on a rate sheet.

For example, if I write a business blog post that's straightforward, it's one price. If the article is very technical and requires a lot of research, that's a different price. If I post the article myself through your CMS (Content Management System) it's another price (more). However, for the sake of discussion, you can get an idea below.

Rates below are in Canadian Dollars if your business is based in Canada, and in US Dollars if your business is based anywhere else. If you want to discuss a project, it's best to email me: cynthia at dearcynthia dot com, but I'll give you a rough idea:

Writing: $0.20/word

Editing: $0.03/word

Editors often charge different rates depending on how much editing the copy needs. However, in my experience, the writer always says, "it doesn't need much," and it always needs more than the writer thinks. So, I won't do it for less that the price stated above.

Press Release: $400 for a one page or less than 400 words.

Unless you just discovered a cure for cancer, one page is all you need. The price does not include press release distribution which I can discuss with you. Press release distribution will cost between US$100 and US$800 dollars depending on how much press you need or want.

Marketing Consulting: $100/hour

Case Study: $1000 for 1000-1200 words.

If you want to hire me and are with a 501(c)(3) animal rescue, contact me, as I would give you a lower rate.

Here are the published writer and editor rates of the US and Canadian professional trade organizations.


Do you specialize in a certain industry?

Nope. I like the variety of working with companies in all different industries. I've written for tech companies, an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, a school for autistic children, a medical company selling products to combat hair loss, an FBA-seller on Amazon, and a commercial flooring company to give you a few examples of the scope of my experience. 

That said, I do have some areas of special expertise such as the following:

Finance: I was a stockbroker (a registered representative with the NYSE) as a summer job while in university.

Marketing: I was a marketing executive for 15 years.

Internet Marketing: I've been writing about it since 2000.

Tech: When I was a marketing executive, I also managed the office's 20-person LAN, training others on new software, troubleshooting, writing the training manuals, and testing new equipment before it was handed out. I ran dBASE and FoxBase accounting programs for oil and gas partner distributions in the 1990's before everything became windows based. 

Medicine: I was formerly a physician's assistant (PA).

Veterinary Medicine: I was the area foster manager for a 501(c)3 dog rescue, and I specialized in fostering dogs with serious medical problems. I have at home three special-needs dogs.

Aquariums: I have 15 years of experience with freshwater, breeding cichlids, and I'm the Article Section Editor for Reef2Reef.com, the busiest saltwater aquarium website in the world with one (1) million unique visitors per month.

Home and Garden: I'm an accomplished woodworker with many published articles in a glossy woodworking magazine, and I used to compete internationally with plants in the family, Gesneriaceae. I also used to grow and flower orchids indoor while living in a USDA Garden Zone 3a.