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Freelance writers that I recommend:

Robyn Roste: Robyn is a fantastic writer with a degree in journalism. She can do anything that I do plus she's an expert on radio broadcasting, radio scripting, podcasts, and MailChimp. She's also younger and prettier than me. 

Businesses that I recommend. Most of these are in the Comox Valley (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada) unless I note otherwise.

Accounting: (Daryl Robbins) http://darylrobbins.ca/ A full-service accounting firm.

Auto Mechanic: CARE Automotive, Gord Ashley, careautomotive@telus.net 

Banking: Keith Davidson at Scotiabank. Keith dot Davidson at Scotiabank dot com.

Business Coach: Les Postnikoff

Construction: (new builds or large renovations): Sayre Neufeld at Coast Catalyst Construction

Diet: Marianne Selman at Success Weight Loss

Electrical Contractor: Martin Eschbaumer. eschbaumer at hotmail dot com.

Handyman: Derek May bigdcontracting at gmail dot com

Heavy Equipment: Jamie Rennison, Tippin Point Contracting. Rennison dot Jamie at gmail dot com.

Home Inspection: Paul Moquin Honest, thorough, and reliable which is more than I can say about who we hired when we first moved here.

Mortgages: Mackenzie Gartside at Comox Mortgages

Painter: A Step Beyond Painting and Wood Finishings. 

Photographers: John Bonner, Bonner Photography.

also, Lisa Graham, Seadance Photography. Lisa did my professional head shots.

Plumber: Lark Plumbing and Heating, Ryan McCotter, larkplumbingandheating@gmail.com.  

Printing: ABC Printing. Bryan Wiley abc@abcprinting.ca.

Property Services: Spencer Marshall. Marshall Property Services. Taking care of commercial and residential properties, all year round.

Real Estate Investments: Aaron Bellmore, Fresh Coast Investments.

Realtor: Jake Christoph, Christoph Real Estate Group.

Solar Energy: Kyrle Symons at Prisym Renewable Developments.

Tech Repair: Justin White Your Repair Depot. Repairs cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

Web Developers and Internet Marketing: I know several of these because I work with them. The ones listed below are not all in the Comox Valley, but I wanted to group together all the businesses I recommend.

  1. Cityline Websites. (Willy Grieve). Willy has built two websites for me. Small to mid-sized businesses, Vancouver, BC.
  2. Accelerank Web Marketing. (Jason Riner). Know him for years. Medium-sized businesses. Miami, FL.
  3. Matt Olpinski. Builds websites and apps for large companies. (I think he's in Ohio.)
    • The Update Company. (Nick Ward). Mid-large-sized businesses. Consummate professionals. Cumberland, BC--Vancouver Island.

Other Interesting Websites:

My favorite science blog: Rectofossal Ambiguity

Gorgeous art dolls: Marilyn Radzat

A hilarious blog written by a French Bulldog: Lola No. Lola No died recently, but her blog is still up.

Dog Rescues that I recommend:

Bulldog Haven NW Based in Seattle, WA but operates in WA and OR. They will home dogs in WA, OR, BC, ID, MT, and AB.

Opie's Special Needs English Bulldog Rescue  Julie Hershberger. Based in Springfield, MO, but will home dogs across North America.

French Bulldog Village Rescue (across the US and CAN)

The Devoted Barn (Michigan and specializes in feral dogs)

Marley's Mutts (California, mostly Kern County)

Hope for Paws (California)

Heath's Haven (based in Idaho and specializing in dogs with movement disabilities)

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (based in Alpharetta, GA)

Adore Houston (based in Katy, TX)

Soi Dog (based in Thailand but transports dogs to North America)

SNARR (based in Louisiana but rescues and brings over dogs with serious medical conditions from the Middle East and eastern Europe)

"Saving one dog won't change the world, but it changes the world for that one dog, forever." Anonymous