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A Shapr Success Story

July 21st, 2019 | in Social Media, Business, Internet Marketing |    0   comments
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A couple of years ago I wrote a nice review of an app called Shapr. I usually describe Shapr to friends as like Tinder for business.

The app allows you to create a profile and list several keywords that are important to you. Hint: list keywords that would be important to the type of business person you want to get matched with.

Anyhoo, I got away from Shapr for a while when life got in the way, and recently I got back to it.

So, last week, I swiped right on a guy who owns a digital marketing and web design company. These are the types of companies I like to work with. I figured, "I need to talk to this guy."

Before I could even message him, he had already sent me a message, "Cynthia, I need a writer!"

And the rest is history.

After several days of back and forth and a phone conversation, we saw were meant for each other.


1. He's fine with my rates.

2. He doesn't mind swear words.

3. He wants someone with experience who doesn't need a lot of handholding, but who will be happy to take ownership of projects. Me me me mememememememmmeee.

4. He's open to suggestions.

5. He's not a micromanager. Thank God.

6. He works at all hours of the day and night (like me).

7. He's happy to explain things to me.

8. He's happy to answer questions. (There's a never-ending stream of questions from me.)

9. The work he has for me is exactly the type of work I want and have vast experience with.

10. I don't mind that he's young enough to be my son.

11. I don't mind that he has dreadlocks.

12. He's in Spokane, WA, so I can work remotely.

13. We're getting married. No, we're not, but I see us working together for a long, long time.

Thanks, Shapr.

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